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Talk Therapy


Inspired Life Counseling provides therapy and counseling services to help individuals, couples and adolescents move through tough situations by giving them somewhere to talk through what is happening or has happened in their lives.

Life transitions can create turbulance!

An adjustment period is normal, and it’s often that people expect good transitions to only bring happy results. They then find themselves confused and frustrated when they’re also experiencing symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. That’s normal. It doesn’t mean you necessarily have a diagnosable illness, but it might mean that you need some help getting through this period. We can help.

Strengths-based & Trauma-informed

Our philosophy at Inspired Life Counseling is that people have gotten to this point in their lives because they’ve done a good job at a lot of things. They have persevered through tough times before today, and today they have decided to learn new ways and to release some of the pain and some of the ways they might have sabotaged themselves. They want to learn how to choose different partners or how to increase their confidence so they can shoot higher and go farther. Regardless of the reason they’re reaching out, it took strength to get here and strength to ask for help.

Strength-based therapy means that we are not looking at our clients like they’re broken people in need of mending. It means we notice and acknowledge all the strengths they already bring into the room while we help them explore the healing that needs to take place.

Trauma-informed means that we can also see how and why a person may have made some choices they aren’t proud of. The situations we’ve been in during our lives have influenced the way we see ourselves as safe or unsafe, and that sometimes these situations or our perception of safety has created habits, ways of thinking, relationship conflict, and other things that we want help shifting. We don’t see this as blame, but as a target toward helping a person heal from the original pain while also learning new ways of seeing themselves and the world while learning new ways of interacting with themselves and others so relationships improve.


Inspired Life Counseling specializes in working with healing all sizes of life wounds that people carry with them each day, creating conflict in their lives and hearts. Small hurts that cause one to second-guess themselves or others, and big, painful experiences that make moving forward arduous or agonizing.

Jessica Wilkerson, LMFT has been providing EMDR since 2014 and has worked with clients recovering from the Camp Fire, childhood abuse, auto accidents, death of a child, surgery issues, as well as has had success helping individuals heal from relationship trauma such as infidelity and other deceptions.

Many therapists have EMDRIA approved training to provide EMDR

Emotionally Focused Therapy For Couples

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) for couples takes a stance that the conflict going on in a relationship isn’t really about the content of the arguments, but rather about some really deep feelings happening underneath.

This type of couples therapy doesn’t diagnose each person and blame their mental health, but rather it uses each partner as a support person to help get to the underlying pain and wounding that’s influencing the conflict in your relationship.

For example:

Perhaps one spouse has been nagging and nagging about specific chores they want the other spouse to do, the EFT therapist explores what’s actually going on for each person. The nagging spouse is feeling unseen or undervalued, and interpreting that as their significant other doesn’t love them or is ambivalent about them. That spouse is really just ambivalent about the chore itself and doesn’t understand why their partner is personalizing the situation so much.

The “ambivalent about the chores” spouse might be feeling controlled, disrespected, or their intrinsic value is being minimized, so they are less enjoyable to be around. Who would be happy and loving when they’re feeling minimized, and who would be feeling affectionate if they’re feeling unseen or undervalued?

It makes sense.

No one is wrong. No one is right. But everyone is hurt.

EFT Couples therapy can help.

Whether it’s daily bickering or something bigger like infidelity, if you’re on the brink, we can help!

As part of their employment, all clinicians undergo training in EFT couples therapy once they begin working at Inspired Life Counseling. They bring all their academic and professional acumen into the therapy session to help the couple work through this difficult period in their relationship.

MISSION: To provide a tranquil and healing space in which people in our community can find calmness internally through the relaxing atmosphere along with respectful and engaging therapy conversations. To contribute to happier and more secure families by helping individuals, couples, and teens heal within and thereby creating different ways of engaging with themselves, the world, and those they love.

VISION: Creating a new kind of therapy experience in the Chico area in which therapists have smaller caseloads, giving them the flexibility to spend more time with clients as needed – longer sessions, phone calls, client centered advocacy. Creating a space in our community where clients can go between sessions just to sit, linger, and re-center themselves when they’re having difficult days. A place to belong while they heal their hearts and relationships. A therapy office that embodies the unconditional love of Christ no matter what a person’s gender identity, romantic disposition, or previous life hardships, experiences, or actions might have been. To be a safe place.