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You can call us at (530) 809-1702.
There is an office administrator available to answer your calls Monday-Thursday 8:00 am – 2:00 pm.

Inspired Life Counseling is not a preferred provider on any private or employment insurance panels.

This means your insurance considers Inspired Life Counseling and the licensed therapists who provide services as "out of network."

The associate marriage & family therapists and the associate clinical social workers are in-network for managed medi-cal insurance plans. If you have California Health & Wellness or Anthem Blue Cross Medi-Cal, please feel free to schedule an appointment with any ASW or AMFT and they will be able to bill your insurance.



This is billing your insurance provider as an out-of-network therapist.

Ask me if I’ve gotten set up for your particular insurance provider when you reach out for a session. Lately, insurance companies want out-of-network providers to submit an I-9 and various other forms before they will cover sessions with them as out-of-network. I’m currently registered with Anthem Blue Cross PPO, Adventist Health, and Blue Shield. If you have another PPO, then I don’t mind applying to be able to bill, but it’s a good idea to get it started as soon as possible, preferably before your first session.

In the meantime, see below:

Helpful tips:

  • Before you come to your first session, call your insurance provider and ask if you have out of network benefits for psychotherapy.
  • Ask them if you have a maximum number of visits, and if you need to meet your deductible in order to be reimbursed for services (some plans will waive the requirement to meet your deductible when it’s for mental health services).
  • Ask what your deductible is and how much you have left to pay.
  • Lastly, ask the percentage you’re financially responsible for when the session is 90837 (that’s a regular, 53 min session).

For example: We have many clients who have a $500 deductible and their insurance won’t kick in to help pay for sessions until they’ve first met their $500. That means they will pay the full rate for several sessions before getting any benefit from their insurance policy. Many insurance policies reimburse between 60-80% of the rate.

​We will submit your claim on your behalf, other than meeting your deductible, the rest of the therapy relationship feels like you’re using your insurance like you would at any other medical office. You pay your portion at each session and we send claims in for the rest. Easy!

Now Taking New Clients!

To set an appt, either scroll down and complete the online appt request form or call the office at (530) 809-1702.

Rates for
​Jessica Wilkerson, LMFT:

​$225 per 50 min session – Individual: adult or teen
(traditional talk therapy, EFIT & EMDR, and hypnosis are all the same session rate).

$225 per 50 min session – Couples/Marriage sessions using EFT

$250 per hour for EMDR Intensives. Intensives commonly take 4-6 hours per day for one to three days depending on various clinical factors. People who qualify for intensives enjoy a lot of healing over a short period of time. Intensives are not covered by insurance.

Jessica provides mostly online sessions, but she does have limited availability in-person in both offices in Chico & Redding.

Jessica is providing EMDR Intensives and clinical hypnosis sessions from her office in Redding, CA.

Rates for Licensed Therapists:

Dan Katz, LCSW & Joseph Acciaioli, LCSW
$165 per 50 min session – Individual: adult or teen
(traditional talk therapy & EMDR are the same session rate)

$165 per 50 min session – Couples/Marriage sessions

​$165 per 50 min session – Family Therapy

Dan Katz, LCSW
Joe Acciaioli, LCSW
Marti Tourville, AMFT
Emily Emmerman, ASW
Lauren Heinrich, AMFT
Sara Setzfant, ASW
Jeremy Gregory, ASW

Marti, Emily, Jeremy, Sara, and Lauren work under the clinical supervision of Jessica Wilkerson, LMFT. She meets with each clinician to mentor them and follow the progress of clients. People seeing these clinicians end up benefiting from the expertise of two therapists.

Rates for Marti Tourville, AMFT; Emily Emmerman, ASW; Jeremy Gregory, ASW; Sara Setzfant, ASW; Lauren Heinrich, AMFT
$145/$110 per 50 min session – Individual: adult or teen
$145/$110 per 50 min session – Couples or Family Therapy sessions
ASW & AMFT provide a $25 discount for sessions paid at the time of service, discount will show up on final charge.
ASW & AMFT can submit claims for California Health & Wellness and Anthem Blue Cross MediCal as preferred providers.

Insurance that will pay for Associate Therapists:
Out of Network coverage: Enloe’s Blue Shield policy, Anthem Blue Cross policy, Beacon
In Network coverage: California Health & Wellness, Anthem Blue Cross MediCal, & Partnership

EMDR: rate per 50 min session – however, some sessions will go longer than 50 min, and need to be budgeted accordingly.
*The typical EMDR session is 90 min long for the first handful of sessions of the deep work (the first five therapy sessions, or so, is not deep work.

Appointment Request Form

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Please tell us what type of therapy you are looking for (adult individual, teen, couples, etc) and which insurance you would like to use.

Some therapists have specialty training that is a great fit for specific issues and types of therapy. Some clinicians are preferred providers for insurance and other are not. Giving us this info helps us to prescreen who’s available to pair you more quickly with the clinician right for you when we call or email.

If one of our therapists seems like a right fit for you, please feel free to request them specifically and we’ll check their availability first.
Our goal is always to respond the same day if you message during business hours; however, it can sometimes take a day or two. Please know that you are very important to us and we will reach out soon.

Read our appointment policy below, and then feel free to schedule yourself online using the button above.


Therapists at Inspired Life Counseling like to give clients “their spot,” so each week on the same day and time they know they have their session. It makes it easier for our client to schedule regular time off work, plan childcare, or just keep their social lives and calendar predictable. This also makes it easier to tell any potential clients what openings are available so they can decide if that spot fits into their own schedule before meeting with their preferred therapist, and then having to find someone else with more flexibility or different openings.

This is a confidential number, so you can send a text and on our end it is still confidential (although texting on your end might not be as discreet and if we reply your side of the text is your responsibility to maintain). For maximum confidentiality, I suggest calling and leaving me a voice message. Another way to reach out to set an appointment is through email:

Return calls policy:

We have hired an administrative assistant! If you call the office line, you can speak to her directly from 8:00 am – 2:00 pm, Mon-Thurs.
​(530) 809-1702

​If you contact your therapist directly:

We try to return contact as soon as possible, but it can sometimes take a couple of days. This is because our first priority is to the clients in the office. It often happens that clinicians offer their office hour to a client for a make-up session or a second session when something big has happened in their lives. We’re suckers for helping people, but then the time set aside to make phone calls gets pushed back farther. Once you’re an existing client, if you need to confer, change appointments, etc. you have priority – you are the first contacted during an office hour.

So if you’re waiting to set up an appointment to work with one of us, please remember “the squeaky wheel gets greased.” We realize it’s not the best business model for new folks, but once you’re set up in the practice as a client you really reap the benefit of that unusual policy! We truly give our clients our full attention and priority.