We ARE currently hiring for associate therapists for our Redding & Chico offices.

Please email cover letter and resume to info@inspiredlifechico.com

I’m Jessica Wilkerson and I own Inspired Life Counseling. I started this group practice with three things in mind and I continue to hold them close to my heart. If you feel like you align with what I am trying to do for our community of citizens and our community of helpers then I’d really love to chat with you and see if we would be a good fit together.

My dream for Inspired Life Counseling is to fill these needs:

1. The people in our community are really hurting. There was already enough heartache to go around, but after the Camp Fire happened and all the people were displaced from Paradise and so many people in Chico and Oroville were scared and affected it felt like there was more pain than there were healers. I’m trained in EMDR and EFT. Both of those trainings were really expensive and time consuming, so I like to use my training and experience to help other therapists in our community learn a little more about those styles. I also help with finances if they are looking for formal training and I help with supervision and peer consultation.

2. In none of my previous jobs in this field did I get training on how to run the business part of my business and I want to share what I’ve learned. As a new clinician it was daunting to schedule my clients according to my capacity, reduce late cancelations, collect fees, return calls, etc. I had to ask colleagues, chase down answers from mentors, and seek the help because in clinical supervision we focused on the clinical side of things, But because I have a B.A. in business, I knew a lot questions to ask in regards to the business components of running my practice. Most of my friends/colleagues didn’t know to ask those questions, so I was always the friend in the office everyone went to for help when they were frustrated because my schedule seemed to flow effortlessly (it’s definitely not effortless at first) I absolutely help all the people in my own business as a part of the perks of working here!

3. Us. Helpers. We have a tendency to say yes. We forget that we matter because we’re working with wounded hearts. We have these big, beautiful hearts that got into this field to make a difference in the world and to help bring joy to the sorrowful. So we say yes when we need to say no. I believe that we can earn a good income, do a great job clinically, and balance that with maintaining our own value and boundaries. We do collaborative notes so there’s not a ton of out-of-session paperwork (there should be very little). Our office administrator does all the new client scheduling so you can show up, have your sessions, do notes during those sessions, and go home.

We are looking for therapists who are passionate about:

The BIPOC communities- You MUST be anti-racist and willing to do the work

Neurodiversity in all forms- We love people whose brains work differently.

LGBTQIA+ Populations- We strive to continue to fight for equality through advocacy and training

Different ways of doing therapy and thinking outside the box

Harm reduction- We are not black and white thinkers and believe recovery is individualized

Inspired Life Counseling believes that treating your staff with appreciation, paying them well, and creating a team environment is absolutely crucial.

We all know what it’s like to work for an agency or practice that takes us for granted, pays us nothing for the work that we do, and treats us like we’re a means to an end.

Taking vacation is strongly encouraged. We do not just preach work-life balance.

Team building activities, dinners, and retreats……we believe in order to create support team chemistry and camaraderie, we all need to be invested in one another’s success

Private Practice Coaching from Jessica Wilkerson, The owner of Inspired Life Counseling.

An anti-racist, inclusive, social justice-oriented environment.

The ability to show your tattoos, pink hair, and be your TRUE Self. There is nothing worse than robotic, sterile clinicians.

All marketing, Google Ads, Insurance Credentialing, SEO, Web Page Photos, etc.

I’m looking for therapists who are self-motivated.

Some of our therapists start their work days late because they volunteer at their child’s school, and others work one or two full days with six or seven clients in the day and have the rest of the week off to pursue other activities. We have some therapists who treat this like an 8-5 job, see 25-30 clients a week and earn a very comfortable income. What I ask of my clinicians is that they make a commitment and then they honor it. In return, I will honor my commitment to you, and I’m super loyal.

My pledge to my employees:
I will pay you a fair wage, on time, with transparency.
I will continue to market the business well.
I will provide timely claim filing for the clients who are using insurance.
I will provide supervision for associate and peer consultation for licensees.
I will provide paid days off for holidays after you’ve worked here for a year.
I will provide a beautiful office full of snacks, coffee, & Mt Shasta Spring Water.
I will provide periodic office bonding outings or parties.
I will provide my part in making our office run smoothly and with a positive energy.
I will provide a CEU stipend annually to associates and licensees so they can stay in their ethical and legal obligations with the BBS.
I will mentor on marketing, business, and any other component of our field whether it’s clinical or otherwise.
I will provide an interest-free loan to get EMDR training after you have worked here for 3 months, with payments taken out of your paychecks so you don’t have to front the money all at once if you want to learn this modality.

What I need from the applicant:
To be a registered associate or licensed with the BBS.
To be able or willing to learn to do collaborative notes (I’ll teach you!)
To be willing to provide sessions to teens, adults, and couples – experience not necessary, just willingness to learn.
To have a collaborative outlook on the field of psychotherapy so we maintain our office vibe of friendly cohesion.
To have their own malpractice insurance (it’s usually around $70 flat and that covers you for a whole year)

The office takes a standpoint that trauma and attachment are at the heart of most of what is hurting us. Even if our pain stems from biology, we have also experienced rejection, judgement, and shame from operating within the biological mental health condition. These experiences influence how we learned to cope with our struggles and sometimes those coping strategies helped us survive, but we need new ones to get through this season. We listen and help work through the trauma and attachment wounds while also helping to give our client some new ways of interacting or thinking about current situations. It doesn’t have to be this or that, CBT or EMDR or any other modality. Understanding that we’re holding space in two places within the room comes across to our clients in a deeply healing way.

I love teaching therapists how to hold these two tenets while also holding professional boundaries so you can love your families and value your own goals and dreams outside the therapy office.

For associates pay is based on piece-rate work and they are paid per session with a total of $25-40 per session.

For licensees pay is based on a % of amount billed and received. They get an hourly wage and then a bonus that equals the equivalent of a % of billables. Licensee rates are $145-$165 depending on experience and formal trainings. However, at the minimum, the licensee can expect appx $60-90 per session for PPO and cash rate clients and $50 for Managed Medi-Cal clients, but it goes up from there.

If you’re interested in working for us then please send us your resume/cv and a cover letter to info@inspiredlifechico.com