Jeremy Gregory, ASW #96513

Associate Clinical Social Worker under the clinical supervision of Jessica Wilkerson, LMFT 104464

Jeremy’s rate is $145 per session.
If you pay in full at the time of service then he provides a $25 discount.

Jeremy is close to licensure and expects to be fully licensed by the end of 2023. Upon licensure, his rate will increase to $165 per session.

Jeremy Gregory, ASW embodies our office motto of “human first, therapist second.” When you’re sitting in the room with Jeremy you feel like you’re talking to someone who’s here for you and your story. All his academia and clinical trainings are under the surface, but who you have in front of you is someone who gets it. Who isn’t afraid to tell you what he’s thinking, who will laugh with you when something happens in your life that is worth laughing, and who will go to the deeper level to help you figure out what events transpired in your life to cultivate your current circumstances.

Jeremy takes a trauma-informed and attachment-focused approach. This means he looks at your life circumstances (difficult relationship, social conflict, anxiety, domestic violence, etc.) through a lens that also takes into consideration your previous hardships and how those taught you to cope, how they taught you to see your worth, and how they taught you to communicate or feel safe.

Growing up as a “Navy Brat” a deep desire was created in him to help people involved in the military. He served as a therapist through the Vet Center for a period of time and through his tenure there he gained a deeper understanding of trauma due to combat. This helps his work here at Inspired Life Counseling when working with first responders and their family members, or anyone associated with the military.

Trained in an EMDRIA approved training, Jeremy is fully trained in the standard protocol of EMDR and can provide these sessions for all matters of trauma or anxiety/stress. Jeremy has been receiving informal training in EFT couples therapy which guides his work with his “couples clients.”

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