Joe Acciaioli, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker #81140

Joe Acciaioli, LCSW

Joe’s rate is $165 per session.

I’m a licensed clinical social worker with more than 25 years of experience in mental health care.

I believe we’re all capable of making positive changes in our lives, no matter the challenges we face. I help my clients overcome the negative thought patterns that are barriers to self-actualization. Learning to manage our thoughts and emotions, while living our core values, is the key to personal growth.

I connect with people easily, and I’m genuine and compassionate in my approach. There’s a good chance we’ll even find moments of humor and lightness while working on your most serious issues. Personal growth is hard work, but there can be beauty and great reward in the process.

“When we trust that we are the ocean, we are not afraid of the waves.” -Tara Brach


EMDR | Acceptance and Commitment Therapy | Trauma-Informed Care

I’m passionate about music, good food, and hiking. Having grown up in the flat Midwest, I fell in love with the dramatic and beautiful Western United States as an adult, and I try to explore as much of it as I can, whenever I can.

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