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We began providing online telehealth sessions in 2020 to be able to continue helping people while the world was shut down, and since then we have not stopped. We discovered how incredibly healing it is for clients who need their therapy and can’t make it into the office.

We’ve noticed that couples counseling and EMDR are both equally effective online, and in some instances more so. When people are in their comfort zone it can be easier to go deep. When people aren’t stressed trying to get across town to be on time, they can access what they want to talk about more easily.

Who accesses us through telehealth?

  • Couples who have one partner that travels for work. No matter where the traveling partner is in our state, they can always log on and show up for their sessions. It’s really meaningful to the partner holding down the fort at home.
  • Entrepreneurs who can’t always leave the office on a regular basis, but can close their office door for an hour.
  • Stay at home parents have been known to schedule their session during nap time or while their children were playing in the neighborhood at a friend’s house.
  • People with illness and leaving the house is a barrier.
  • Clients who live in remote areas that don’t have quick or easy access to mental health services.
  • People who live in big cities and the going-rate for therapy is much higher than ours, while our quality of care reflects a caliber of excellence.
  • Graveyard shift workers who want to come home, sleep, and login for sessions because they just worked all night and getting dressed and ready to go in person takes more energy than they have on a day between shifts.

What Type Of

therapy do we do online?

Since March of 2020 we have now had experience providing couples or marriage counseling, EMDR, and talk therapy. Teens see us after school online from their bedrooms, parents will come out to their car to get away from their spouse or children if they don’t have a room for peace and quiet, couples will sometimes sit next to each other and other times they will log in from their own devices in different rooms or from differing cities.

We are honored to come to you electronically during your time of need. You have our full and undivided attention during your session, just as you would if you were physically sitting in the office with us. Our intellect, compassion, and sense of humor remains sharp whether your on a screen or your on our sofa. If you have been thinking that talking to someone and getting help might be beneficial, but there have been barriers to finding a therapist and getting into the office then telehealth might be a great solution!

Not only do all the therapists who work at ILC go beyond their advanced degrees by specializing and niching their generalist skills, but they are good natured humans who enjoy life and enjoy solving mysteries. What happened in this person’s life and how can I help them heal from it? It’s a mystery we walk along side you to solve! We take what you’re telling us seriously, we believe you, and we also help you find joy. We look to help you reduce your negative experiences while expanding the positive ones.

Do I need fancy equipment for online sessions?

Nope! We use an program called Simple Practice that emails you a link 24 hours and 15 min before your appointment. If you’re meeting with us on a desktop or laptop computer then you click the link and we can see each other! If you’re using a tablet or your phone for sessions then the first time we meet the link will redirect you to “Telehealth by Simple Practice” app. After that, every time you use the link it’ll open the session in the app. It is fully encrypted, secure, and well respected/trusted in our industry all over the world.

How do you do EMDR online?

Easy! We start in Simple Practice because that is who generates your reminder link and it’s simple. We check in to make sure EMDR is still on both of our agendas that day (sometimes something big happened that week and our clients prefer to process that event instead of do EMDR during their session. That’s okay! If big things happen your window of tolerance for EMDR might not be what we need it to be, so we are flexible and we pivot). But if you say yes, then we pop over to RemotEMDR.

RemotEMDR is an amazing telehealth server for EMDR that has brought a lot of value to our business. In here, we have a normal EMDR session using eye movement or binaural beats. People using their cell phones for online therapy usually prefer the sound component, while people using larger devices prefer the visual eye movement option. Either way, we have not noticed a difference in the healing component of EMDR in the office in-person vs online in remote telehealth sessions.

You can be ANYWHERE and still get the healing components of EMDR for trauma, anxiety, relationship stressors, depression, parenting, early childhood experiences, sexual abuse, physical violence, emotional abuse, bullying, low self-esteem, agoraphobia, OCD, and more!

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How do I get an online appointment?

Deborah is an expert in Gottman couples therapy and in addiction and dependency. Please tell us a little bit about what you’re look for from sessions wSimple! Contact us! Every single one of our therapists provides telehealth (aka remote sessions). A lot of our clients say, “Meet me on zoom today!” and even though we don’t use zoom, we “get it” and we send them the link for the session and pop online.

To access your own online counselor, you can either call us or fill out the form below and we’ll contact you in your preferred form. Some people prefer to have a quick conversation on the phone and get it all hashed out at once, and others have busy lives and phone calls are one more thing to set aside time to do – and they need to be able to shoot off a quick email or fill out a form and know that the person on the receiving end of that will make the next move. We live in busy world!ith Deborah.

Call us at (530) 809-1702

You only need to have your feet in California to be able to access help at Inspired Life! You can be ANYWHERE in the state and we can meet you online. *This is really handy for people who travel often!