Inspired Life Counseling has online telehealth therapy in the Bay Area!

The cost of therapy is sky high when you live in the city! But you can access small town rates by accessing therapy using our confidential and easy video conferencing sessions from your home, office, car, or anywhere that’s easy for you.

Whether you live in San Francisco, Vacaville, Oakland, or anywhere in between we can help you work through the stresses in your life.

The busy day-to-day hustle to juggle our jobs, families, social lives, personal goals, and just daily living tasks can create a feeling of wanting to just put your head under the covers and give up. You can’t, so you don’t (most of the time) – but the struggle is real. And if you could just talk to someone who “gets it” it would be an hour well spent – but you don’t want to be a burden to your friends, colleagues, or family.

Our physical office is a few hours northeast in Chico, and because of our lower cost of living we can afford to offer competitive rates with the same exceptional quality of therapy you would expect living in the city.

Our therapists balance an exceptional level of professional acumen with relatability whether they are conducting sessions in the office or online. We use an encrypted, safe, and easy online platform made specifically for counseling appointments.

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We provide online counseling for:

  • Couples or marriage counseling. Many couples work on opposite sides of the area and trying to find a therapist who they can each travel to and who’s a good fit for them can be very, very challenging. We send you each a link and you can log in from your respective locations and receive excellent Gottman or EFT couples therapy.
  • EMDR online is highly effective! We have had wonderful healing experiences providing EMDR remotely using a wonderful program called RemotEMDR. We can do eye movements or binaural audio (you wear headphones and listen to the beeps instead of watching a ball go side to side).
  • Individual therapy to work on clearing out past hurt or current stressors. Our specialized therapists can help you process the ways past experiences are influencing present pain, stress, and relationships and help you clear out your side of the road.
  • Tweens and teens after school. Parents are busy at work or they have other children who also need them and driving their tween or teen back and forth is one more thing to contribute to the chaos. We’ve got you! You can have them login with their bedroom door closed and have their therapy session after school. They often have so many things going on with their school friends, teachers, homework, family, siblings, and their own emotional struggles with transitioning from childhood to adulthood that having someone to talk to who’s not in their circle can create healing and access to help that doesn’t have the same kind of resistance they have to the adult authority figures in their lives.

There are two ways to book an appointment: Call us at (530) 809-1702 or fill out our online form!