Inspired Life Counseling provides online therapy services in Sacramento!

We hope to have a brick & mortar office in El Dorado hills by 2024.

​In the meantime, you can still access online counseling and EMDR from the Sacramento area!

Living in the Northstate is unique. We have farmland, industry, and corporate landscapes all intertwined. We might live among orchards or fields, while commuting into the city to work in an office all day. Some of us live deep into neighborhoods, feeling like one among a million, but we want to feel like one in a million! Our families, social lives, and personal self-care can be pretty spread out while we end up feeling spread thin. The day in and day out doesn’t feel changeable, but something has to change!

Many people want to have someone to talk through their stressors with, but making time to get down to an office to talk becomes one more stressor in an already busy schedule. It feels like in person sessions are more trouble than they’re worth. For many people, this might be a real truth! Coordinating one more thing in their day to commute to/from really will be more trouble!

We are here to help!

Inspired Life Counseling takes the art of being a therapist to the next level by offering ONLINE counseling services.

​We use an encrypted and HIPAA compliant platform that’s easy and simple for our clients. We simply send you a link, you click the link, and we’re on the screen. You can use a computer, tablet, or your phone. You can be at your office, home, car, or in the park under a tree during your lunch break.

  • Individual adult or teens can work on trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, or navigating adjustments.
  • Couples or Marriage therapy online is very effective for couples who work in locations that make it difficult for them both to show up at the same time. You can each get your own login for the same session and meet together remotely.
  • EMDR online helps a lot of people who prefer to get vulnerable in their safe space or who otherwise can’t make it into an office.

Inspired Life Counseling’s physical office is in Chico, CA – but we socialize and spend time in the Sacramento area when we’re spending time in our personal lives and we feel passionate toward helping our fellow “Northstaters” in Sac. We have also been hiring remote telehealth therapists who live in Sacramento to provide online sessions. We have specialists in Gottman couples therapy, EMDR, DBT, and Nutrition & Mental Wellness. We have licensed psychotherapists as well as pre-licensed clinicians who are learning from the experts and can provided a reduced rate for clients who need help accessing their help.

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