Walking Alone

By Jessica Wilkerson, MA, LMFT​

In 1 Corinthians 7:7-9 the Apostle Paul lays it out that if a person can do it, then they should remain single and celibate; and if not, then it is better to marry.  Many people feel a sense of aloneness when they do not have a romantic partner, and then that still, small voice in the back of their mind reminds them of scripts they’ve heard in the past: “You’re not good enough,” and “no one will love you.”  They begin to focus on the need for a romantic partner and the longing and lonely feeling begins to grow.

 We were never meant to be alone, God created us to live in relationship.  He created us to live in relationship to him and to other humans.  He instructed us to fellowship together.  In all his devine wisdom he led us into relationships with each other, even with his encouragement in Matthew 18:20 he is calling us to be together.

Our longing for romantic connection is holy.  He instilled that longing within us, but when that longing over-powers all the other beautiful qualities in ourselves, our friendships, and the other relationships in our lives it because a distraction the enemy uses to pull us farther from the vision God has of us and for us.

Sometimes, learning to heal those wounds left by those internal scripts or the pain from past relationships or family life can help draw you closer to God.  There is less distraction.

When you are feeling like you’re not enough or that you’re broken in regards to romantic relationships, please pray, read your Bible, remind yourselves of the gifts of relationship that God has placed in your lives, and seek wise counsel.

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Jessica Wilkerson uses her heart for the Lord to help guide her during sessions.  Her own value system as a Christian comes into the session while she understands when people are making choices that might sabotage their goals or their relationships, or when they’re beating themselves up for missing the mark.

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