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Teen Girls

By Jessica Darling Wilkerson, LMFT It’s quite often that a teen girl will experience feeling broken and powerless.  There are so many other people directing

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Teen Girls & Therapy

By Jessica Darling Wilkerson, LMFT Oh, the teen girls!  I love them.  Once upon a time, I was a teen girl… now, I’m a grown

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Values: Our Life Compass

By Joe Acciaioli, LCSW In his book Get Out of Your Mind and Into Your Life, Steven Hayes compares our values to a life “compass.” Values

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When Kids Lash Out

by Staff I think the biggest conundrum for parents is when kids lash out/ yell at parents or when they completely shut down. Parents can

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Teens & Eye Rolling

by Emily Emmerman, MSW, ASW It might be annoying to be on the receiving end of, but eye rolling is a form of communication for

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Confidence is a Virtue!

Karen grew up in a family who was very loving and affirming.  They told her she was beautiful, creative, talented, and smart.  However, if Karen

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