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Please feel free to call us at (530) 809-1702 or
request an appointment online.

Online Contact

Every person is so important and valuable to us and we want to be there for as much of your journey as you need us for!

Please feel free to reach out via email to see if there’s an opening. You’ll send the email to and then you’ll receive a return email directly from one of the therapists from their individual office email address (so watch for your spam box!).

You can also call the office at (530) 809-1702. This number is answered directly Mon-Thurs, 8:30-12:00. After those hours the call goes directly to a confidential voicemail and will be checked and answered the next business day. It’s likely that you’ll receive a return call directly from a therapist’s office line, and not from the office phone number. This makes it easier for our clients to access their therapists right away and not play musical chairs with phone numbers and contacting.

Our aim is to streamline your ability to access a therapist as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When leaving a message, please leave your name and number, a short message about what you’re needing help with, and a few ideal appointment spots (ex: “Mondays and Wednesdays after 2:00” or “any day before 10 am”) so we can direct your call/email to the right therapist with the best potential fit for both your therapy and scheduling needs.