Inspired Life Counseling is in Redding and Shasta County!

Redding Office: 930 Executive Way, Ste 125, Redding CA 96002

Call for an appt: (530) 809-1702

The owner of Inspired Life Counseling, Jessica Darling Wilkerson, LMFT, is originally from Redding and lived there for the first thirty-four years of her life. She relocated to Chico for a decade and then in 2022 she returned to Redding. Jessica is primarily seeing clients via telehealth, but has the ability to provide some flexibility for periodic in-person sessions in Redding.

Jessica is providing in-person EMDR intensives and hypnosis sessions from her Redding office! Call or email for more info!

We are so spread out in

Shasta County and in NorCal!

Some of us live in some pretty remote places like Burney, Susanville, Weaverville, and Shingletown – and access to in-person counseling sessions is a big barrier! Inspired Life Counseling has multiple counselors who can meet with you online and provide excellent talk therapy for individuals and teens as well as couples or marriage counseling and EMDR for trauma, stress, relationships, etc.

Sometimes things in our life feel manageable and don’t trigger the thought “I need to see a therapist!” but the stress, pressure, or isolation that you’re under is starting to impact your relationships, your motivation, or the way you see yourself. We don’t need to have a giant, flaming ball of chaos land in our lap to benefit from talking to someone who went to school and continues to grow their ability to help people through tough situations. Having someone who has a knack for listening really well, taking in what’s happening in your life, and understanding it from their unique perspective that has formed by years of learning and listening can be a true gift to yourself and the people around you.

There are two ways to get an appointment:

Call us at (530) 809-1702 or fill out the form below:

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Online sessions include:

  • Individual therapy to talk through the things that have been stressing or burdening your heart. To process events that happened in your past and which are negatively affecting your relationships or how you see yourself today. Individual therapy can help improve relationships because as you’re working on your triggers your partner no longer has the ability to push your buttons. You can’t push a button that’s not there!
  • Couples or Marriage Counseling online seems counterintuitive to most people! But when you can’t get couples therapy because you’re in one place and your partner is in another then maybe something is better than nothing? It’s our opinion that online marriage therapy is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE because we’ve seen it work and for us the proof is in the pudding. But for some people, they may need a few sessions to realize that meeting online for couples counseling is effective and helpful.
  • EMDR online works because we use a platform called RemotEMDR to facilitate our sessions. Sometimes it’s easier to talk about the hard stuff in life when you’re in the comfort of your safe space (home, car, garden, etc) and you know that when the session is over you will be able to engage in your usual coping strategies in addition to the ones we teach you. We love EMDR and we believe in the value of accessing it online.
  • Tweens and Teens can spill all their “tea” online with a counselor. They are already accustomed to talking on zoom, facetime, snapchat, and all the various social media apps they use. Online counseling just feels like they’re living life as usual, and for many teens it’s easier than having sessions in person. For them, there’s safety in going deep about their hurt when they’re behind the screen. Plus, it makes after school sessions a lot easier for parents to coordinate!