Emily Emmerman, ASW #10397

Associate Clinical Social Worker under the clinical supervision of Jessica Wilkerson, LMFT

Emily has completed her EMDRIA approved EMDR training and can provide EMDR.

Emily’s session rate: $145

Emily Emmerman is a gifted therapist who brings her full self into the therapy room. Her sense of humor, insight, education and life experience creates a trusting and non-judgemental conversation. Her clients get her full and undivided attention for the better part of an hour and it’s her goal that they leave feeling understood and closer to healing and their goals than they were before they came in each day.

Emily’s experience and knack with teens not only benefits the teen client individually, but also she understands that when the teen feels heard and helped it creates a chain reaction in the family. If they work on their buttons, then those buttons aren’t so easily pushed. The teen client has more control over their emotions and the way they interact socially.

​On the flip side, Emily also does a great job working with individual adult clients who, among other stressors, struggle with navigating the challenges that parenting teens brings into the equation.

Should you wish to schedule an appointment with Emikly you can call the office at (530) 809-1702 or fill out the contact form online.

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